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Staff at Hotel Berlin, Berlin

Hotel Berlin, Berlin trusts in new personnel selection concept

Berlin, 01.04.2011. In hotels there is consistent coming and going. This is no different in Hotel Berlin, Berlin, the third largest hotel in the capital city. What is thoroughly desirable for guests, is in no way desirable in the Human Resources department of the renowned hotel. Exactly the opposite in fact: The Hotel Berlin, Berlin places importance on longstanding employees and wants to reduce the high fluctuation that can often be seen in the hotel trade, to a minimum. Currently 230 employees are employed in the hotel at Lützowplatz – on average they stay for two years. "We are interested in keeping the employees in our and therefore also their hotel", says Managing Director Cornelia Kausch. This ambition is accompanied by a further ambitious goal: Great Place to Work.


The so called "TASC concept" is applied even when selecting applicants. "We want to find the right employees, already in this phase, in a fair and objective manner; an employee who fits in with the philosophy of our hotel – a real Berliner, in the very heart of the city, and sustainably bind them to our hotel“, explains Cornelia Kausch. For this purpose the newly developed TASC concept defines standardised evaluation and employment criteria for the company and therefore forms the basis for an evaluation of the professional and social competencies. The initials TASC stand for Technical skills (specialised knowledge), Administrative skills (skills in planning, organisation and self management), Social skills (intuition for communication and also sense of leadership and team spirit), and Commercial skills (talent for problem solving, decision making, creativity and personnel development).


In the past few weeks the decision makers at the hotel, including the senior management and all heads of departments in the hotel, intensively familiarised themselves with the TASC concept. To this end application situations were re-enacted together with specially trained seminar actors, in order to better reflect on their own behaviour and see their effect on others directly. A further significant component of the TASC concept is the so called "interview guide". This includes practical tips for an effective and efficient organisation of the interview with applicants. "Amongst other things the interview guide serves to recognise hotel competencies and qualifications in a short period of time in order to find the ideal employee for the advertised position“, explains Cornelia Kausch. With the newly introduced concept the staff appointment scheme and the job descriptions of the hotel are being revised and various requirement profiles are being compiled. All in all many small, important steps in order to be able to select more "true Berliners in the very heart of the city" and bind them to the hotel in the long term.


Those who successfully present themselves after this selection process and have themselves decided in favour of the large, modern hotel, will be "taken by the hand" in the integration phase: New employees pass through all departments in the hotel in the first month and are accompanied by a "mentor" while doing so. This personal contact person will support the new colleague not only professionally, but will help them with all other questions. A sensible measure providing a good start and at best a long term career in the Hotel Berlin, Berlin.