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Networking at the Hotel Berlin, Berlin

The huge success and the fascinating contacts in past years were the reason to hold the 2009 edition of the “Women/s Jobbuilding“ event. National female experts from the Fitness, Wellness, Health and Tourism industry met in Berlin. On the 10th of October, some 100 women from these sectors met at the newly designed Hotel Berlin, Berlin. The participants talked about different careers, networking and the newest trends. Experts as well as political and economical representatives had valuable hints and experiences to share with the attendees. Amongst the speakers was Cornelia Kausch, Managing Director of the Hotel Berlin, Berlin.


The „Women/s Jobbuilding“ is organised as an Open-Space-Conference. Many small groups debate and work on various subjects. The Hotel Berlin, Berlin, with its many flexible function rooms proved to be the ideal location for such a conference.


The conference was organised by SD consulting services and fostered by the Hotel Berlin, Berlin. The hotel – which is led by a woman-, is one of the top conference venues in Germany.


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