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Close-up of graffiti drawn on a street wall near Hotel Berlin


I am DeerBLN. I am an artist and in my art I deal with, first and foremost changes to the architectural landscape of Mitte. Mitte used to be in East Berlin, and I went to school at places that now host posh restaurants and artist studios. I saw the Wall come down, danced and drank at basement bars and makeshift clubs, had a squatted flat just for partying back then and saw and still see the tremendous changes happening in this city. I have to admit – I definitely do not like all of them.

Zeichnung DeerBLN

In drawings and installations, I try to “freeze“ moments in time. Keep the process, the change, the momentum visible. No, I am not just a nostalgic kind of guy. Change happens and it has to – but it also requires a respect for the past, the architecture, for the people that live here, and this city in general. Mitte – mostly known for being all gentrified and being the posh shopping district – is also THE cultural part of Berlin. Most of the museums and numerous galleries, art projects, and much more, are located here. This district is and was the home of the many bars, clubs, art projects such as Tacheles – to name just one... that make Berlin what it is today: a vibrant, beautiful, historical (on many levels), artsy, open-minded city that is far more than the sum of its parts.

Take your time. This city deserves it. And please don’t misunderstand the “oh so typical directness” of the Berliner (if you happen to run into a real one). At first sight, we might sound a bit rough, but we are very genuine people and if we make friends with you – you can count on us for life.

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