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Travelling greener

As a BREEAM Excelent certified hotel, we use regenerative energies, avoid waste, promote recycling and are as efficient as possible. The sensitive use of resources has always been an obligation for us as Hotel Berlin, Berlin towards our environment. Many of our guests and employees also consciously shape their consumption and actions.

Our environmental team, with representatives from all areas of the hotel, works continuously to realize our sustainable ideas and reduce our environmental impact. 

Enviromental performance

To continuously improve our environmental performance, we plan appropriate measures and implement them until we reach set goals. To do this, we take advantage of all opportunities to reduce food waste, energy consumption and waste generation.
With the photovoltaic system installed in 2018, Hotel Berlin, Berlin produces approximately 160 MWh of environmentally friendly energy annually. For the rest of its electricity needs, the hotel relies on renewable energy and environmentally friendly district heating.

However, we not only reduce food waste, energy consumption and waste generation, but also live a respectful interaction with each other in the team, with our guests, business partners and suppliers. Our Code of Conduct and an honest and continuous reflection of our work serve as the basis for this. 

Corporate Responsibility

It is our corporate responsibility to continuously develop ourselves and to constantly strive to improve our ecological and social performance. It goes without saying that we treat our employees equally, treat each other with respect and provide secure jobs. We strive for long-term relationships with our guests, customers and suppliers, but at the same time, as a company, we require them to abide by the rules and regulations to which we ourselves are committed. We are committed to fair and equitable payment of employees, compliance with international human rights, prohibition of child labor, zero tolerance for discrimination and against corruption.
As Pandox Berlin GmbH, we strive for transparency in all areas. 

You can find the sustainability report of our parent company Pandox AB on the Sustainable page of Pandox.


We are a member of DEHOGA and of IHK Berlin and we are a WorldHotels partner. As BREEAM Excelent certified hotel we are also certified with the Green Key.
Further partnerships are PinkPillow, maneo, CSD Berlin and LSVD BERLIN BRANDENBURG. We support the German Diversity Charter and actively participate in World Cleanup Day.

We would be very happy to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please send an email to our environmental team.