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Close-up of Dr. Motte posing at Hotel Berlin Berlin

Dr. Motte

Dr. Motte Love Parade DJWelcome to Berlin! My name is Dr. Motte, I’m a DJ, producer, and remixer from the original vanguard of techno’s few pioneering souls. I initiated and successfully staged what became the biggest cultural celebration of music, tolerance, love, and indeed life itself that the world has ever seen…

Born and raised in Spandau in Berlin, I did a proper apprenticeship as aconcrete builder but my heart has always beaten for arts and music. One day,I couldn’t not pursue this passion any longer and so I quit my job. I left theoutskirts to move to the city centre – Kreuzberg – where I tiptoed through the scene and performed as a drummer, percussionist, and bassist in several bands before replacing my drum set for turntables and a DJ mixer, in order to expand the opportunities for my musical self-realization. In 1989, I put an idea into action that would write a new chapter in the history of music: a demonstration to represent the contemporary culture of electronic dance music, called Love Parade. Techno culture evolved into the most important youth movement of the 90s – with the Love Parade established as its unofficial holiday. In only 10 years, the number of participants grew rapidly from 150 people to the legendary peak of 1.5 million ravers who peacefully danced together on the Straße des 17. Juni and around the Victory Column. It’s not far from where you are right now.


Take a look out of the window and you can see the Goldelse shimmering. To get a feeling of the scale you should go there and climb up the 285 steps to the top of the Siegessäule to see this historical spot with your own eyes. Imagine masses of happy and smiling people from here to the horizon – in every direction. It’s magic! 

I have many recommendations for visitors to Berlin but to have a truly good and inspirational time I have to give you this one bit of honest advice: Get rid of your tourist guide! This city is full of little wonders and surprises, especially once you get off the beaten track. Just find a place to start a walk. Every street keeps a secret for you and has its own stories.

All you need to do to discover them is to stay open-minded.

Love & light,
Dr. Motte