What we do for sustainability!


At Hotel Berlin, Berlin, we have always felt a responsibility towards the environment and have been aware that it is important to save on resources – this has nothing to do with fashion. Many of our guests and staff members are also becoming more conscious of their consumer habits and behavior.


Our environment team works continuously with representatives from the hotel's other departments to develop and implement sustainability plans and reduce our negative impact on the environment. We have outlined all our ideas in our environmental policy.  

The introduction of an environmental management system certified according to the ISO 14001 standard was an important milestone for us this summer that will help us to further develop sustainable policies for our hotel.

This international standard promotes sustainable management and the careful use of resources. Issued by an independent assessor, the certificate confirms that we continue to improve our environmental concept, from planning to implementing all measures to achieve our goals. We make the most of all opportunities for supporting this necessary development, such as reducing waste, including food, and our energy consumption.

Another important principle of sustainable management, especially in the hospitality industry, which is very labor-intensive, is to make sure that everybody is treated with respect, from the guests, to suppliers, to society as a whole. This necessitates an ongoing and honest reflection about our work and our actions and goes hand in hand with the desire and courage to change in order to permanently improve our performance with regard to the environment.

On introducing this system, we made several decisions to manage the hotel in a sustainable manner. With a clear goal to make operations as CO2-efficient as possible, we set a number of energy management targets. Since the hotel installed photovoltaics in 2018, it has been producing approx. 160 MWh environmentally-friendly energy per year. For its remaining requirements, it relies on renewable energies and environmentally-friendly district heating.

Apart from ISO 14001, we are a Green Key eco-certified hotel and are ranked High Performer and Sustainable Partner by Visit Berlin.

We are also a member of DEHOGA and of IHK Berlin (CCI) and we are partners of WorldHotels.

We also have partnerships with PinkPillowmaneoCSD Berlin and LSVD BERLIN BRANDENBURG. We support the German Diversity Charter and actively participate in World Cleanup Day.

As a company, we see it as our responsibility to continuously develop and this means always campaigning for ecological and social improvements. The fact that our staff members should have equal rights and secure jobs goes without saying, as it does that they should treat each other with respect. We want our relationships with guests, customers and suppliers to be long-term and we expect them all to follow the same rules and regulations that we are committed to. We advocate fair and equal payment, adhere to international human rights law, including the ban on child labor and we show zero tolerance towards discrimination and corruption.

As a subsidiary of the Swedish hotel company Pandox AB, we strive for transparency in all areas. Our Code of Conduct is binding not only for our staff but for also for our partners and suppliers. 

You can find here the sustainable site of Pandox AB to find our parent company's sustainability report.

We would be very happy to hear your thoughts and feedback. Please send an email to our environmental team.