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Interior of a Meeting Room at Hotel Berlin, Berlin

5 Tips to Leverage the Power of a Millennial Meeting in Berlin

1. Incorporate Wireless Technology

Millennials are very much "wired" into the digital world. This is the primary reason why many conference venues in Berlin are equipped with wireless technology. 3G and 4G connections are recommended while it is also not uncommon for a Berlin meeting to be associated with its own mobile app. This application with provide conference-specific information such as the time, the date, the topics to be covered and any late-breaking details.

2. Addressing the Entrepreneurial Mentality

Millennials are often heavily focused on their own success and many studies have found that the majority are interested in starting their own business at some time in the future. Meetings should therefore try to provide attendees with valuable information that they can apply to personal circumstances down the line. In other words, generic topics and rather "cookie-cutter" approaches tend to fall upon deaf ears when engaging with this crowd.

3. Selecting the Proper Meeting Rooms in Berlin

Organisers need to take the venue into an account when planning for an upcoming Berlin meeting. Not only must the facilities be able to cater to demanding requirements, but they should be flexible enough to accommodate crowds of various sizes. For example, Hotel Berlin, Berlin boasts a corporate area of over 3,000 square metres as well as 21 difference conference rooms and additional "islands" which can be utilised during larger trade fairs.

4. The Importance of Convenient Catering

Millennials tend to be rather choosy when it comes to food and drink. Not only must meeting rooms in Berlin offer a number of quality options, but it is wise to avoid situations that can cause queues. Instead, different stations should be made available so that attendees will be able to pick and choose their favourite dishes. Tea, coffee and snacks are often placed in the rear of the conference room so that they can be accessed at all times. Additionally, it is not uncommon for complimentary cocktails to be provided to the guests upon their arrival.

5. Malleable Schedules and Itineraries

Millennials are not entirely keen on having their meeting schedules set in stone. As opposed to providing a rigid itinerary, it is more appropriate to offer them a number of different meetings and events that they can choose to attend. Let us never forget that this generation views a conference as a means to network as opposed to simply absorb static information.

As millennials represent an emerging demographic within the business community, appreciating their needs and desires is crucial. Please feel free to refer back to this article as a guide in the future.