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Berlin During the UEFA Euro 2024 | Insider Tips from Our Team

When our beloved capital shines in the colors of various national flags and millions of people from all social backgrounds and nationalities come together on the streets to celebrate until the early hours, then we know: the UEFA Euro 2024 is upon us.

Even the grumpiest Berliner is inevitably tempted to join in the cheers with a thousand others in his crowded local pub. After all, there's nothing that warms the Berliner's heart more than celebrating football together.

We at Hotel Berlin, Berlin want you to fully experience this unique atmosphere of the city during the UEFA European Championship and have interviewed football enthusiasts from various departments of our hotel to share their personal experiences for the best stay in Berlin - during the Euro.

They are mostly true Berliners, know the city like the back of their hand, and have plenty of insider tips for you - from cool beer gardens to hidden gems.


They are mostly raised-up Berliners, know the city like the back of their hand, and have plenty of insider tips for you - from cool beer gardens to hidden gems.


Hello, everyone! Cool that you're taking the time for this interview. Tell us about your favorite moments you've experienced here in Berlin during past football tournaments.


Benny: Basically, every single Hertha BSC match at the Olympiastadion was a unique moment. The sense of unity in the city and the celebratory mood in those moments are incredibly strong. Especially back then... when Berlin was still in the 1st league. ;-)


Thomas: For me as a Union Berlin fan, every game at the Alte Försterei is unique. I especially remember fondly the first promotion match against Paderborn. The atmosphere was simply incredible! Everyone was cheering and celebrating together with the team on the field.


Birgit: There's hardly anything to add. The atmosphere and solidarity in Berlin during football events - no matter which game or which league - are always special.

A magical football moment for me was during the 2006 World Cup in Germany when my family could attend a match live in the stadium. When I watch a football game, it's not just about the playing performance and the success of my team, but also about the sporting, emotional exchange between genuine fans of various teams and the recognition of the other team's performance. The shared hobby of football just brings people together.



And what can you recommend in the area around the hotel for bars and restaurants for public viewing?


Benny: I would recommend the Irish Pub in the Europacenter to our guests. It's only a 10-minute walk away, or you can take bus 100 and go 3 stops to Breitscheidplatz.

There you'll find a great selection of beers that cater to every football fan, and after the games, great live bands provide entertainment. Plus, you'll meet many international guests there, which makes the atmosphere particularly lively.


Jasmin: I agree, the Irish Pub is great. You always have great evenings there. But for me, the most beautiful place to watch football in the area would be the Cafe am Neuen See. It's a traditional beer garden nearby with a very nice lakeside view, regional dishes, and freshly tapped beer. You can walk there from the hotel along the Lützowufer through the Tiergarten in just 15 minutes.


Thomas: I prefer watching football at home. But if you don't mind crowds, then the Fanmeile at the Brandenburg Gate (about 15 minutes away) is definitely worth a visit.


Jonny: On a Germany match day, my plan would be as follows: I'd watch the first match of the day at "Cafe am Neuen See", the Germany match of course at the public viewing at the Brandenburg Gate, and the last match of the day - including a nightcap - I'd watch at our place, Lütze.



What do you have planned at Lütze so that our guests and the people from the neighborhood in Tiergarten and Nollendorfplatz can experience the football fever together?


Jonny: Quite a bit! In our garden at Lütze, we'll set up a public viewing area and put up three TVs. We'll serve cold beers as well as wonderfully fragrant focaccia and sandwiches. In addition, our service staff will wear the jerseys of their favorite teams and create even more atmosphere. What more could you want?



And when you're not watching football, what insider tips do you have for sightseeing and activities in Berlin?


Jonny: One option is the Holzmarkt at the Jannowitzbrücke S-Bahn station, where you'll find art galleries, lively bars, and cozy cafes on a former industrial site along the Spree. Also, don't miss the Kreuzberg Festival in the Bergmannkiez, which takes place from June 28th to 30th.

Oh, and don't miss a tour of the Olympiastadion! It's about 25 minutes away by U2 line.


Birgit: Oh yes, a tour of the Olympiastadion! Even for me as a Berliner, it's always fascinating how big this stadium is and what hides in the catacombs. But also, the stadium at the Alte Försterei of Union Berlin should be seen, as it offers an interesting contrast to the Olympiastadion. On one side, the huge Olympiastadion of Hertha BSC with its imposing catacombs, and on the other side, the smaller but familiar stadium at the Alte Försterei, which has been partially renovated by the Union fans themselves.


Thomas: The Alte Försterei is definitely a must-see. Otherwise, golfing in the golf clubs in Blankenburg (Pankow). Just to advertise my neighborhood again. J


Benny: Definitely the entire Friedrichshain district! There are numerous open football pubs where you can just sit down and relax watching football. You'll meet people from all over the world and locals and can either argue about the game for 5 minutes or spend the remaining 85 having a great time together.


And if you've had enough football and the weather is nice, the Friedrich-Jahn-Sportpark is a good choice. Just grab a cold beer from the late-night shop beforehand and enjoy the nice weather. Otherwise, there are numerous museums in Berlin, the Victory Column, which is within walking distance, and of course the Brandenburg Gate - if it's not currently being vandalized. ;-)


Jasmin: Personally, I would recommend the Teufelsberg. Especially in summer, you have a great festival-like atmosphere there with a fantastic view. Plus, it's a popular spot for street art and graffiti, making it a lively open-air museum.


And if we're sticking with great views over Berlin, then I recommend climbing the Funkturm or the Victory Column. The view is great from both. Plus, the entry is much cheaper and the waiting time much shorter than at the TV tower. Especially the Victory Column at the Großer Stern is only a 5-minute walk from the hotel, and you can also take a nice stroll through the Tiergarten.




We haven't exactly been on top of our game with the DFB in recent years. What are your hopes for the upcoming Euro in regards to the German national team?


Jonny: Given the modest performances of the DFB, I'm honestly still somewhat skeptical about whether the Euro 2024 will be successful for the German national team. However, I'm curious to see what improvements Julian Nagelsmann can bring out of the team.


Thomas: Please, just don't get eliminated in the group stage!


Jasmin: Same here!


Benny: At this point, I'd like to quote a well-known former German goalkeeper: 'We need balls and pride!' And I hope that's exactly what we'll finally see when the German national team takes the field at Euro 2024.


Birgit: I really hope that our team shows the honor of representing a country and burns with the same passion for the sport as we do as fans.


Do you have a team in mind that you see as a potential winner of the Euro Cup?


Jonny: For years, France has shown outstanding performance and has always been a strong competitor. Considering the quality of their squad, I'm also confident that the English can achieve great things in this Euro.


Jasmin: I would also trust England to win the Euro. Especially now that the team has overcome the years-long drought and has played so outstandingly in the past tournaments. You can just feel that the players are becoming more determined from year to year to finally win a title for England. Especially because they narrowly lost the last Euro to Italy, I think their self-assertion this year will be even greater.


Birgit: Both teams, France and England, are also favorites for me. The English not only have Harry Kane, who can score goals, but also the absolute will to win a title. The French have been at the top for years, and the players often manage to set aside their attitudes in favor of the common goal when it matters. That's something you don't feel in every participating team.


Benny: To be honest, I have no feeling for it, but I would say the potential winners are Germany, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain.


Thomas: Although I contradict my own previous answer: I still say Germany will do it. Simply because we're a tournament team.


Thank you very much for the interview, guys!


We hope that during the UEFA Euro 2024, you can fully experience the pulsating football fever of the city and enjoy the unique offers both at the hotel and in the surroundings. Let's celebrate the football festival in Berlin together and share the passion for this great sport. We look forward to seeing you! See you soon!