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Christian Rothenhagen

Christian Rothenhagen, also known as deerBLN, is a Berlin-based visual artist and founding father of FKKB. He is known for his architecture-based drawings and installations that capture the changes of the city. In his paintings, he creates visual pauses for the viewer to contemplate these changes in their own time.

It all started as far back as Christian can remember. "There was never a time I didn’t draw.," the artist recalls.
Even as a child, he wanted to do something with art or design, because drawing was so important to him and he knew that, in this professional sector, the art of drawing was a big aspect.
The focus of his work mainly includes snapshots of architecture, which are timeless and at the same time highly up-to-date and political. "People change, society changes, and so does architecture," Christian explains. He often focuses specifically on San Francisco and, as a true Berliner, Berlin, of course. But why San Francisco?
"Because since 1994, since my first time in the city, I must have been there 25 times. Always for several weeks. I have good friends in the city, work with galleries, have painted murals - I call the city my home away from home." Both cities are constantly and rapidly changing, Christian wants his art to freeze time and focus especially on places and streets, less on people, cars, and other distracting aspects.

Christian's work is mainly analog, which is why he tends to use classical techniques and materials - materials with a „pre-life“ or history are also more than welcome.

Christian also enjoys working with other artists. No matter if it’s with an individual artist, a crew, a collective, or just a fun collaboration - the chance to be challenged in a new way and to learn new things excites him a lot. That's why Christian doesn't like to talk about "the" art scene of Berlin. "I think for that the art, the city, the artistic aspirations, the art fields are much too wide, too diverse. We are all artists, but we are not all a "scene".“ The diversity the city has to offer is what makes Berlin so vibrant and unique - just like his art. And that's why he doesn't mind at all if a viewer doesn't understand his approach. " I don't want to be everybody's darling. I'm not a decorator - I'm an artist, with a concept." Rather, he sees it as an opportunity to exchange ideas about his work and let exciting conversations arise - whether with an enthusiast or a critic.

After all, society is also changing and art is increasingly perceived as an important part of society that needs to be promoted and given the necessary space and recognition. "Art is important.", Christian sums up in one sentence and nothing more needs to be added to it.

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