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Girl holding a dog & enjoying the sea near Hotel Berlin Berlin

Denise van Deesen

Hi, I’m Denise, a born and bred Berliner, and I’ll be your host during your stay at the Hotel Berlin, Berlin! You’ve certainly picked the right destination, as Berlin has something for everyone, no matter what your age or lifestyle. The best thing about Berlin is that it’s so accepting. No matter how you want to spend your time here, you’ll always find someone to join you! Tolerance has been part of the culture of Berlin since the late Middle Ages, and plays a role in the history of my very own neighbourhood in Berlin, Rixdorf. This area in Neukölln is known as the Bohemian village, so-called because it is where a group of Moravian Protestants settled in 1737 after escaping religious persecution in Eastern Moravia.

The tolerant Prussian ruler, King Friedrich Wilhelm I, allowed them to set up their own community in the area around the Kirchgasse (today Richardstrasse). If you take a trip out to Rixdorf today, you’ll still find traces of this Czech culture in the cafes, bars, bookshops and community gardens there. At winter, the village boasts the most beautiful Christmas market in all of Berlin – and definitely the best Glühwein as well! If you’re here in December you can’t miss it! So I hope you enjoy your stay in Berlin, and I encourage you to get lost in one of Berlin’s many unique and wonderful neighbourhoods.

Auf Wiedersehen!