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Statues at Tiergarten Park near Hotel Berlin Berlin in winter

Things to do in Berlin During Cold Winter Days

The good news is that there are sights and experiences to enjoy throughout the year; even during the colder months. What does winter in Berlin have to offer? Let us take a look at a handful of must-see locations as well as what they have in store.


Tiergarten is one of the most tranquil refuges to be found within Berlin. It is a perfect venue if you have been hoping to avoid the crowds often associated with the city centre and this park exhibits a truly magical flavour during the winter months. A cosy cafe is found within its confines; ideal for those who are looking to enjoy a warm cup of coffee before heading out to nearby Potsdamer Platz. Tiergarten

Dining in a cosy French atmosphere

Close to Hotel Berlin, Berlin visit La Cantine d'Augusta , an authentic restaurant offering delicious French dishes and wines. Try an authentic raclette or cheese fondue during winter months and enjoy a glass of wine with your friends at this comfortable French restaurant in Berlin.

La Cantine d'Augusta

Go Sledding!

Enjoy a fun day out and visit one of the great sledding hills in Berlin. Berlin is relatively flat but there is a man-made hill in town, Teufelsberg built from 2 million cubic metres of war debris. The hill became a popular place for leisure activities and it´s one of the best sights to go for sledding where you can also enjoy the panoramic views of Berlin. Sledding in Berlin

Visit Kreuzberg

A winter visit to Berlin would not be complete without a trip to Kreuzberg, the buzzy heart of Berlin with numerous art galleries, museums and restaurants. Kreuzberg is much less crowded with tourists in the winter so you'll get a completely different experience of the city. Kreuzberg also abounds with highly Instagrammable street art. And don't miss Viktoriapark which boasts a 24-metre waterfall and offers spectacular views of the city rooftops on crisp, clear days. Mural in Kreuzberg

Vintage hunting

If you are visiting Berlin during a weekend and you love flea markets and vintage bargain hunting, the indoor flea market at Arena is your place. Escape from a cold day at this amazing roofed flea market in Treptow near the river Spree. You will find an amazing selection of vintage goods from cloths to décor items. Flea Market

Room Escapes

Our next suggestion is great if you happen to enjoy tackling mental challenges with your friends. Room escape games will put your wits to the test as you unlock mysteries and discover clues in order to exit an environment within a specific period of time. If you are up to the challenge, locations such as EXIT ROOM Berlin and Outopia Berlin should definitely be visited during your stay. 

A Bit of Culture and History

If you have never seen this city before, you should make it a point to visit a handful of memorable museums and art galleries. The majority of these locations are found on "Museum Island"; allowing you to spend an entire day browsing their collections. Some excellent spots to frequent include the Pergamon Museum, the Old National Gallery and the Altes Museum (Old Museum). A single ticket will allow you to visit all sites. Another interesting place to visit is the DDR museum in Berlin city centre. The museum provides a unique and interactive experience to visitors about the everyday life in the former East Germany. Trabant at DDR Museum

Berlin Spas and Saunas

Day trips from Berlin in winter should always take into account a bit of personal pampering. Thankfully, this city is home to a plethora of high-end spas and saunas. These are ideal solutions to relax and unwind before heading back out on the town. One stellar example of such levels of luxury can be seen when visiting Vabali Spa . Located at Seydlitzstraße 6 and within the heart of the city centre, guests can enjoy a host of treatments. These include a wellness clinic, a professional massage parlour, a day spa, and a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant. Vabali Spa Berlin

Chocolate Bliss

Why not instead spend an afternoon at Ritter Sport making your very own chocolate delicacies? Once you have completed a short instructional course, you can sit back and relax within a private cafe. You may also participate in an hour-long workshop if you are curious to learn the secrets of chocolate production.     Anyone who wishes to know what to do in Berlin during winter should be pleased with the suggestions mentioned above. This city boasts a wealth of amazing opportunities and the colder months of the year will never detract from the experiences that await. And after a day visiting such fascinating locations, what could be nicer than heading back to the warmth and comfort of the Hotel Berlin, Berlin ?