The next Berlin marathon is right around the corner and the good news is that the German capital is a runner-friendly destination that allows athletes to train in a variety of terrains. If you're wondering where to run in Berlin in preparation for this event, you'll enjoy our curated list of the top 10 best Berlin running routes. Skip to main content
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Wide shot of the Charlottenburg Palace near Hotel Berlin Berlin

Top 10 Tracks To Train For The Berlin Marathon

If you're wondering where to run in Berlin in preparation for this event, you'll enjoy our curated list of the top 10 best Berlin running routes.

1. Tiergarten

Berlin's 525-acre green lung is a top choice for runners. Tiergarten is located steps away from Brandenburg Gate, so it is convenient for those who don't want to travel far to get their mileage in. All in all, there are more than 14 miles of running paths to choose from.

2. Friedrichshain Park

Berlin's oldest park features 3.6 miles of mostly flat trails that are perfect for those shorter interval runs. If you need a longer run, you can keep going along Landsberger Road and loop around Prenzlauer Berg park.

3. Landwehr Canal

A jogging path runs parallel to the Landwehr Canal for over 6 miles, and the canal's western end meanders along Tiergarten, which means you can easily extend your running session if you are after a more demanding run.

Berlin Landwehrkanal

4. Hermannplatz – Tempelhof Loop

This circuit is located south of the Landwehr Canal. Running from Hermannplatz Station to Tempelhofer State Park and back will clock in 3.7 miles, so this route is perfect for short strength-building runs. And since there's plenty of open-air space by the old airport runway, it'll never feel crowded.

5. Rohrbruchpark

At 10.7 miles, this is a medium-mileage run that starts at Biesdorf station takes you through several urban parks. The route provides a decent elevation gain of 604 feet peaking towards the end of the second third – it will test your endurance!

6. Spree Riverside

Running from Friedrichstrasse Station to Gotzkowsky Bridge and back is a good idea if you're working on your 10k pace. Just choose whichever marathon music works best for you, and follow the river!


7. Charlottenburg

Berlin's biggest castle is surrounded by a 2.5-mile perimeter track where you can work on strength or interval training. Suitable for short sessions or in combination with the Spree Riverside route.

Schloss Charlottenburg

8. Grunewald Forest

Grunewald Forest has the type of 12-mile runs that you'll need to tackle during the weeks prior to the race. The rural setting will inspire you to get lost in your favourite marathon music while you take in the views.

Grunewald Forest

Photo by David Bruyndonckx on Unsplash

9. Spandauer Forest

This little-known urban forest is located near Tegel airport and offers shaded trails and colour-coded circuits. The distance from one end to the other is 4 miles, but they can be extended by venturing into the many forest paths and waterside trails that spin off the main road.

10. Tiefwerder Meadows

This protected nature reserve is situated in a small peninsula overlooking Scharfe Lake and is the ideal place to enjoy peace, quiet, and a scenic run among pastures and marshes. The track consists of a 2-kilometre loop that's good for intervals.

Tiefwerder Meadows
(©) Lienhard Schulz / CC BY-SA


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