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The magician is holding up a deck of cards whilst wearing a red jackett.

Max Voronin

Maxim Voronin, or short Max, is an American magician, circus artist and director. Even though born in San Francisco, he was basically raised all over the world. His parents are also performers and at a very young age Max would join his parents on tour throughout America, Europe, and other parts of the world. „This was kind of my childhood as a child from the circus.“, he laughs.

After having traveled and learned a lot from his parents (his father is a magician as well, his mother a contortionist), Max very early on started to take his career into his own hands. At the young age of 12, Max started to practice more, tried to take his performances to the next level and give them a touch of uniqueness. He then went to the Academy of Circus Art in Kiev, getting his diploma in circus arts and directing. „The academy took me to the next level“, he explains. After graduating, Max even made his own show.

Max puts a lot of work, thought and passion into his acts. „You have to know the basics to understand what you can change to make it unique.“, he points out. His toolbox for coming up with new ideas: know your skill, know what you can do, know what everybody else is doing, and then know what you can do to make it different and special.
In addition to coming up and performing new and exciting acts, Max is very keen on teaching when performing. He explains that he always wants to give a message. „Just like when you watch a film, every film has a message because that’s the way we learn, right?“
Especially for a younger audience, this approach is crucial and they really enjoy it. Max also likes to include the audience into his acts and make them become an active member of the performance in order to teach and show them first hand.

The next big step for Max is the Traumtheater Salome in which he will take part in. When thinking about his career, Max always focuses on what is up next. „I always think about what I am going to do right now because I want to give 100% always!“ He has some great and unique new ideas and acts and cannot wait to perform them live on stage.
Big picture, Max would love to take his own show and travel throughout the world to perform it, also coming up with new show concepts and ideas sounds appealing to him. „Hopefully, in the future, we’re going to evolve further even with the current situation in the world.“, he hopes.

With regards to Berlin, Max is very excited to come back to the city. His parents used to stay in Berlin occasionally for a couple of months, so he is not new to the capital. „The first thing I really like about Berlin is that so many people are open to help, especially with what’s currently happened!“, he says. „It’s something really beautiful and I don’t see any minuses in a culture that is so willing to do that.“

If you want to see Max and the Traumtheater Salome live, book your ticket here:

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