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Close-up of street art on traffic lights near Hotel Berlin

Berlin Street Art finds a home: visit the Urban Nation Museum from September 2017

street art traffic light The Urban Nation Museum is dedicated to giving Berlin underground art the recognition it deserves and to ensuring that enthusiasts of the art form have greater access to the creations of its most talented practitioners. The works of artists like Adam Caldwell who fuses classic and expressionist forms to explore basic human identity will provoke deep admiration along with self-examination, while the stunning stencils of 3F focuses on images of peace and harmony. Along with the works of a host of other renowned street artists, the stunning interior holds quite a few surprises for visitors, including an impressive collection of more conventional paintings.    

Plan your visit to Berlin´s newest museum of street art

Urban Nation Museum in BerlinA catwalk that bridges the entire interior of the two-storey museum allows the Berlin street art exhibits to be viewed up close and from a more distant perspective. It also seems symbolic of Urban Nation’s intention to build bridges across borders to form a global community of artists and art lovers. To truly appreciate what the Urban Nation Museum has accomplished will probably take more than one visit. Out-of-towners may, therefore, want to enjoy the rejuvenating comforts of an establishment like Hotel Berlin, Berlin before embarking on a second day of art appreciation.

A well-respected team of international art experts have created the unique collection of urban contemporary art on display at the Urban Nation Museum. It not only features works by established street artists, but also that of emerging talents. The effect of this sees fresh creative minds given an extensive viewing platform, while providing the world’s art loving community with fresh forms of artistic expression and new perspectives on social issues.

The ability of art to invoke deep emotional responses from viewers is never more pronounced than in the works of street artists. Whether it is the optical illusions created by the hand of 1010 from Hamburg, or the realistic portraits of Adele Renault of Brussels, their brilliant use of colour will go beyond pleasing the visual senses to awakening a deeper sense of social awareness in appreciative viewers. It is the provocation of this dynamic combination that is the aim of the new Urban Nation Museum in Berlin.