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Carnival of Cultures

Berlin could hardly show itself from a more colorful side: Numerous groups of different nationalities offer music, dance, performance, visual arts and acrobatics on moving floats at the Carnival of Cultures.

On four days of the festival, Berliners and tourists will experience the capital from its best side: cosmopolitan and international, dynamic and vibrant, diverse and colorful. More than 500,000 people have been celebrating the city's colorful mix every year at Whitsun since 1995.

More than 5000 participants from almost all continents are now part of it. From Brazilian samba to Chinese lion dance, from West African drums to Bernese carnival brass bands, the carnival groups impressively demonstrate that Berlin's treasure is its diversity and internationality. Besides the four-day street festival, the parade is the highlight of the carnival.

Sunday, August 15 Yorckstraße, Berlin, Germany